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Gary now performs only Pre-Purchase Condition & Valuation Inspections with verbal reports as well as stand-alone Vessel Appraisals for tax or donation needs.

If your requirements are being driven by insurance, finance, or related business entities requiring a  written SURVEY report, a good source for locating a certified survey in your area is:          

If this effort is simply for the piece of mind of a buyer as to the condition and ball park value of a vessel in consideration for purchase, a thorough inspection and verbal report may be all that is required and the reduced cost of such effort is justified.

With over 35 years of recreational boat and sailing experience, Gary Cook founded Ketch Yawl Maritime to assist clients with vessel inspections, appraisals, and consultation regarding upgrades, changes, or improvements to an existing craft. 

Graduate of Chapman School of Seamanship Yacht &  Small Craft Surveying, Gary also has a BS in Electrical & Electronics Technology from the University of Houston..

("SURVEY" includes inspection as well as a written and signed report of findings sighted on the vessel. "INSPECTIONS" involve performing an identical inspection / discovery effort on the vessel but findings are detailed verbally with no written report)

All work is performed according to standards established within the US Code & Federal Regulations, American Boat & Yacht Council, National Fire Protection Association, and The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPSP) .

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Gary Cook (512) 751-5478

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Exceeding Your Expectations


These are commonly provided for clients who think they have found a great pre-owned boat and seek validation from an expert to perform discovery on the craft along with all its systems to gain confidence the vessel is in condition worthy of the purchase price. Market research is  performed to establish a ballpark value. Clients are encouraged to attend where any findings can be highlighted immediately or can be provide later by phone or video call discussing items of concern relating to safety, functionality, performance, and value.

Note: No written results are provided. If this effort is being driven or required by insurance or other financial institution, a written report is required and not available from Ketch Yawl Maritime, LLC.

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This involves a discovery inspection purely to evaluate and establish the fair market value of a vessel for donation or estate settlement. Market value research is performed and a written report providing supporting detail and photos are included in accordance with the rules and regulations established by The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPSP) which is the common standards recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service..

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